Sacrament Drum Tabs e-Book


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Product Description

Note: This item is an e-book. Once your order for this item is completed you will receive a receipt for purchase via email that will include a link to download the e-book.

This e-book includes drum tablature for each song on the “Sacrament” album, transcribed by Chris Adler himself to ensure accuracy for students and teachers alike.
The drum tabs are intended for all levels of drum players.

A tab key and methodology is included for new players and non-music reading students.

This tablature collection includes:

Tab Key (notation graph)
1. “Walk with Me in Hell”
2. “Again We Rise”
3. “Redneck”
4. “Pathetic”
5. “Foot to the Throat”
6. “Descending”
7. “Blacken the Cursed Sun”
8. “Forgotten (Lost Angels)”
9. “Requiem”
10. “More Time to Kill”
11. “Beating on Death’s Door”