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Convocation Shirt (NEW!)


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Product Description

Released August 1, 2017! The “Convocation Shirt” features a new design by Chris and his long-time collaborating artist, Ken Adams. Fabric is high-quality, durable heavy cotton blend (95% cotton, 10% polyester). Back of shirt features Chris’ signature “A” logo along with “It’s Called A Throne For A Reason”. Available in two colors: Black and Grey (see photos) and in sizes: Medium, Large & XL. ADLER Shirt 2017_black and gray_front and backCONVOCATION is the collective noun for eagles (my last name), it also refers to a group of people that assemble for a special purpose. Everyone has a special purpose, not in any way more important than anyone else but often, more similar or like-minded to some than others.

The idea with this particular shirt was to recognize what I have in common with many of the people that check out the music we play and the time and effort put into being the best we can be. I know from experience that I’m not the only one!

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Black, Grey


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